High end pocket setter Machine FIT-1002F

Issuing time:2023-09-21 08:31

Sewing head:   Brother BAS 311HN-05XT   1 or 2 needle (2 colour'stitching) Or   Juki AMS-210   1 needle only !

Speed depending on fabric, up to 3000RPM

Sewing area 60mm x 60mm to 250mm x 250mm

Moulds changeable in less than 2 minutes

Self explaining programming over touch screen

Stretching device for trousers fullness

Automatic Reinforcement stripe for bartack area

Colour touch screen with I/0 function

SMC Pneumatic valves / Cylinders

Powerful Panasonic X-Y motors

Programmable tension and pressure foot height

Output example :

Average pocket size : Up to 6 Pockets/min

Realistic output at factory : 2400-2700 pockets / 10h

If   need more information about the jeans machine, please feel free to contact us at any time

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