FIT-13093L Automatic Hybrid Presser Foot Template Machine With Laser

Issuing time:2023-07-07 16:16Author:Beth

This is our full automatic hybrid presser foot template machine. The machine Y direction is 930mm,X direction is 1300mm. Using the hybrid presser foot,Wi-Fi pattern delivery,template recognition. Needle gauge within 3.5mm the sewing speed can be 3200rpm. Surface line control and blow control avoid of the bird’s nest,15mm auxiliary presser foot. With the 130W laser cutting for high quality garment sewing request.

The details information as below:

1. Three screws structure,strong rigidity,feeding smoothly,big template sewing area,high precision and perfect stitch.Prevent the leakage velvet.

2. Super large sewing space,actual sewing range can be 1300x930mm.

3. Wi-Fi pattern delivery:save the manual work to copy the patterns,check-free,the machine can sew once you put the template in the table,which can easily achieve one person to control 100 machines.

4. Hybrid presser foot structure:mechanical foot lift and electronic presser foot in one,can be easily for one key switch the super thin fabric,silk floss,thickness fabric and so on.Saving the debugging time,no worry about changing fabrics.

5. Super high speed:sewing speed can be 3200rpm,empty delivery speed can be 50000mm/min.The producing efficiency can increase 25%.

6. The whole machine use the solid baseboard,import lead screw,import guide rail,import bearing,import hook and energy saving motor,which will make the machine stably in a high speed and more durable.

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