Women workers in Cambodia use sewing machines made in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang businessm

Issuing time:2018-08-11 18:15

Recently, at the opening ceremony of Cambodia's National Highway 6, Hu Jiaping, an expert from the Transportation Design Institute of Zhejiang Transportation Group, was awarded the Cambodian Higher Medal of Friendship for International Cooperation in recognition of his contribution to infrastructure construction in Cambodia.

As an important link between Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh and the famous tourist city Siem Reap, the 250-kilometer highway is one of the most important and busiest arteries in the Cambodian road network and is vital to Cambodia's economic development. For Zhejiang Transportation Group Transportation Design Institute, it is the longest mileage, the highest grade, the largest investment, the longest design cycle of a highway in 13 years when the design institute entered the Cambodian market.

Cambodia is an important partner of Zhejiang in ASEAN. Zhejiang businessmen and enterprises have been in Cambodia for several years. "When we first arrived in Kampuchea in 2000, Zhejiang was almost completely empty in the local market." Shi Yongping, president of the Zhejiang General Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, said that in the past 18 years, with the efforts of Zhejiang businessmen who are not afraid of suffering and can bear hardships, Zhejiang manufacturing has emerged from nothing in Cambodia and gradually occupied a very important position.

In the garment workshop of Cambodia Garment Co., Ltd., a realistic sewing machine from Taizhou is spinning fast under the hands of Cambodian women workers to make fashionable clothes one after another, and soon they will be sent around the world.

The general manager of the company introduced: "In recent years, the company began to act as a proxy for realistic sewing machines, and now the brand in the Cambodian market has formed a higher share, in addition to Chinese clothing enterprises, but also by Japan, Malaysia and other countries and regions of clothing enterprises widely used."

According to incomplete statistics, there are at least 20,000 Zhejiang businessmen doing business in Cambodia, they let Zhejiang manufacturing throughout Cambodia. Kampuchea is an important country that China promotes the "one belt and one way" construction. Under the traction of "one belt and one road", the cooperation between Zhejiang and Kampuchea is becoming more and more close. "The chamber of Commerce will receive a large number of Zhejiang enterprises visiting Kampuchea every year." Shi Yongping said that the two sides have great potential for cooperation in international production capacity cooperation, economic and trade investment, infrastructure interconnection and other fields.

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