The only recognized sewing artist in the world, he draws with a sewing machine, is simply amazing!

Issuing time:2018-08-11 18:15


This man, Arun Kumar Bajaj, runs a tailor's shop. Most of the time he steps on a sewing machine and does needlework, but rather than doing needlework, Arun is painting, because Arun's stitches and threads of work are like this, all kinds of exquisite details are like pictures.

In fact, from the beginning, Arun's dream was to become a painter, not to take over the tailor's shop.

Arun studied painting from an early age. He was interested and talented in painting. Unfortunately, when he was 16, his father died and had to take over the tailor's shop. He wanted to earn money and support his family, not only dropping out of school, but also giving up his dream of painting.

"I don't want to be a tailor for life." Arun is still a little sorry.

After all, fortunate is the man who finds what he likes and AIDS in his actions, but because of life's constraints, he has to watch with open eyes that this beautiful thing may disappear from his life. In this case, anyone will regret it. After thinking about it, Arun felt that painting might have more than one form. Painting with pens and paints is painting. Now that he can't pick up his brush because of the pressure of life, he paints with needles and thread.

Although he grew up in this tailor's shop, Arun also had a little sewing skills, but with sewing machine painting, especially to show the light and shadow, details, color conversion and collocation, Arun also made a lot of efforts, but dreams, real dream people, always find other ways to close to it, and then close to it. Arun spent a long time mastering and learning the art of "painting" with a sewing machine. Now he is the only recognized sewing machine artist in the world. His works are shown on a sewing machine or hand stitch by stitch. Each piece takes months to years. Fortunately, Arun's work has been sought after in India and around the world, and his talent has finally been recognized.

Today, Arun really enjoys what he is doing.

Although he failed to pick up his brush and become a traditional painter, the people who had dreams to act anyway, and now Arun, were even more admirable.

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